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Imagine this: your business has identified an international buyer for its product, you have agreed on pricing, and your buyer wants open account credit terms. How will your company manage the risk of nonpayment by your foreign buyer? Insuring your foreign receivables through Export Credit Insurance is a great place to start.


Export Credit Insurance mitigates your nonpayment risk while empowering you to meet, or beat, your competitors by offering attractive credit terms. Your business can use open account credit terms to win new customers and increase sales to existing buyers.


Download this free eGuide Export with Confidence — and learn what Export Credit Insurance covers and its benefits, including...

  • Increased Sales: Providing open account credit terms is very appealing to foreign buyers and can be the difference between winning and losing a deal.
  • Risk Prevention: Export credit insurance mitigates the risk of nonpayment by insuring foreign receivables.
  • Cash Management: Lenders are more likely to include foreign receivables and inventory in your borrowing base when those receivables are insured.

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