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25 Unique Resources from the Editors of Ag Equipment Intelligence (1st Edition)

Ag Equipment Intelligence Book of Lists

This first annual “Book of Lists,” brought you by Associated Equipment Distributors (AED), includes 25 unique “lists” of industry content that appeared in Ag Equipment Intelligence monthly newsletter and/or special reports over the past year. It’s one of several all-new additions the editors are bringing to the AEI’s farm machinery market trends and research community in 2023.
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7 Different Technician Pay Rates eGuide by Skill Level

This eGuide was used in Bob Clements’ 2022 Dealership Minds Summit session on “Service Department Compensation Plans that Deliver Results.” His session walked dealership managers through how to determine what the business can afford to pay based on the overall performance of both the service department and each individual technician and departmental manager.
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6 Ways to Make Your Harvest Profitable

Learn how to implement best management practices for using NIR systems and steer away from common mistakes.
NIR Sensors are a well-known technology that allow producers and contractors to analyze crops and slurry. By recording moisture and nutrients instantaneously along with a GPS location, NIR Sensors with real time mapping systems produce a visual grid of quality trends across fields. When collected and analyzed over multiple years, NIR data can support changes in crop management practices that result in increased yields and reduced variability.
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Improved End-User Profitability: An OEM’s Guide to Controlling Farmers’ Feed Expense

Learn how OEMs can increase the value of their feed equipment while reducing the farmers’ feed expenses.
On average, feed expenses account for over 60% of all livestock operations’ production costs. A variety of factors impact the feeding process, and controlling these costs is top of mind for producers. How can OEMs increase the value of their feed equipment while reducing the farmer’s feed expenses?
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