A Farm Equipment Staff Report

You’ve heard it said a hundred times before. Farmers don’t need a supplier just for their seed, equipment or fertilizer. Suppliers defined in this way are mere silos to the farmer’s greater need for holistic, interwoven solutions. Farmers need partners who understand their business, and can leverage expertise and experience to help them accomplish the goals of their entire farming enterprise. They’re demanding it today, and will demand more of it in the future.

As we’ve monitored this trend, our team aimed to do something very different for this year’s SOURCEBOOK Special Report, and to provide a practical and thought-provoking guide to the type of thought processes today’s professional farmers must undergo to make important decisions — with confidence. Our research and interviews took us to high-level discussions with professional farm management companies that monitor real-life farm issues, and are tasked with reviewing potential options, every day. We learned a lot through the questions asked, and hope this report will do the same for you.

This exclusive coverage, presented in a format similar to that of a Harvard Business Review case study, examines scenarios of 5 different high-income farmers along with recommendations and perspectives from leading ag consultants. In addition, you’ll see a series of “homework questions” for each case study. We’d encourage you to take a few minutes to ponder these thought-provoking questions with your team. And when finished, check the “Expert’s Comments."

Good luck on your homework!

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