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New Ace Pro 5 Series Stainless Steel Pumps by Ace Pump Corporation


Ace Pump Corporation recently introduced five new Pro 5 Series stainless steel pumps with advanced features to improve reliability and prevent costly downtime.  All five models include Ace Pump’s exclusive Oasis™ WetSeal technology, with two models configured for use in pulse-width modulated (PWM) control systems.


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Ace Pump pro 5 series

Twinstar Hay Rakes

Twinstar Hay Rakes represent the latest technology in basket rakes. These ruggedly built rakes are designed to rake two windrows together; and for turning hay to speed up drying time prior to baling for high production commercial hay farming, custom operators and for dairies raking green chop hay. Research has documented that basket-raked hay contains fewer contaminants (dirt, rocks and debris) compared to traditional wheel and rotary rakes. Basket rakes also result in less leaf loss because a portion of the hay is carried above the ground on the rakes stripper rods. Cleaner hay brings higher returns to hay growers, provides more nutrients, and is significantly healthier for animals to consume.


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Twinstar Hay Rakes