Biofuels: Possibilities and Potential for Ag Equipment (PDF)


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The age of biofuels is here and terms like corn ethanol, switchgrass and biodiesel have quickly become part of America’s everyday vernacular. And no industry has felt the shift toward renewable fuels more acutely than agriculture. The impact of the changes confronting every aspect of agriculture — from new cropping strategies to the development of innovative equipment — is intriguing, to say the least. And not since Cyrus McCormick revolutionized farming with the invention of his mechanical reaper for harvesting small grains in 1834 has the potential for this magnitude of change confronted agriculture.

This 32-page report takes an in-depth look at what’s driving America toward increased production of biofuels and provides a vision of opportunities for ag equipment manufacturers and dealers.

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This product comes as a downloadable PDF only

32 pages, 20 tables & charts, 4 Mb

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