How New Equipment Technologies are Reshaping Farming

How New Equipment Technologies are Reshaping Farming


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For decades, farmers equated machine control with having two hands on the steering wheel, navigating their field on instinct and tradition. But the next generation of machine automation is imminent, offering the ag industry promising, yet unproven opportunities. In this report, manufacturers, educators and engineers weigh in on where AI technology is now, where it’s going and how it’ll change the ag industry’s production processes.

Pick up your copy today and discover the answers to four critical technology questions and more…

  • When will artificial intelligence become a natural ingredient in ag equipment?
  • What is driving the driverless momentum in the ag equipment industry?
  • Is diesel’s half century farming reign ebbing?
  • Which has more potential, autonomous or electric tractors?

Robots won’t soon be doing all of the field work, but electric powered equipment and smaller, self-propelled implements are making their way to a field near you. Purchase your copy of How New Equipment Technologies are Reshaping Farming to stay ahead of -- and be prepared to capitalize on -- the upcoming changes and necessary adoption of autonomous equipment.


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