Ag analytics provider Sentera, St. Paul, Minn., announced the launch of Aerial WeedScout, a precision weed control solution that the company says reduces post-emergent herbicide application by up to 70% with no adverse impact on outcomes.

According to Sentera, Aerial WeedScout is the first turnkey, selective herbicide application solution that delivers the performance, affordability and ease-of-use necessary to achieve broad adoption. Advanced high-resolution imaging and deep learning technologies allow users to detect weeds sooner with higher accuracy versus competing technologies. Application equipment can move through fields at normal operating speed, and upfront costs are a fraction of those required by on-machine solutions, the company says.

Sentera precision weed detection maps are used to automatically generate a machine prescription so that herbicide is applied only where it’s needed to achieve weed control. The prescription is tailored to machine characteristics, allowing operation across sprayer fleets of mixed brands and configurations.

In instrumented field trials, Sentera says Aerial WeedScout has demonstrated considerable cost savings and weed control efficacy that matches standard broadcast application protocols. It supports all major sprayer equipment brands. Following technology validation, the company will commercialize the technology by identifying a go-to-market partner, building on its prior and ongoing collaborations with some of the most highly-respected inputs and machinery providers.

Sentera adds it has engaged longtime Bayer Crop Science and Monsanto senior leaders Hobart Beeghly and Anthony Osborne to advise the company on the path ahead for Aerial WeedScout.