Hal Carnago

The advertising options you bring to us – a Shortline Manufacturer of Rotary Cutters, Rock Removal Equipment, Snow Removal equipment and Disc Harrows – has become a one-stop shop for advertising to our U.S. customers for more 15 years or more. We look to Farm Equipment Magazine to let our customers know what we build and do as you have an engaged readership and viewing audience.

Selecting the publications to advertise in is simple and quick with the help of your knowledgeable Territory Representatives like Darren Foster. Your company provides great content in various areas of the farming sectors in the U.S. and keeps all of us (farm equipment manufacturers, dealers and farmers) in the loop about our industry, the best practices, the newest equipment and the latest trends.

Our business is growing nicely, and everything is quicker and easier with the digital age. Farm shows are still important to meet customers one on one and talk, but many of the younger generation are talking to each other on digital chat platforms with their counterparts to learn how their equipment is working. Much like going to the coffee shop in rural areas. Maybe call it “Coffee Chat Equipment Talk” without the coffee.

I have been with Schulte 32 years so I can’t look back 55 years. But for our company, some big changes were when my father, Jim Carnago, started to export to countries like the U.S. in the mid-1960s along with Europe and Australia later to expand our footprint in countries that needed our types of equipment.

Schulte began to grow at a nice pace when we started building Rotary Cutters in 1988 and expanded our line to include some of the largest built rotary cutters in the world up to 42-foot wide. Schulte continues on a nice growth pattern with the help of our parent company Alamo Group based out of Seguin, Texas and their ongoing support of their first Canadian company when they bought Schulte in 2000.

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