Tim Brannon

This toddler started in the sandbox pushing toy tractors around in my first “farming” enterprise.

The toy tractors would later turn into real ones and all through school days the library had a well-worn path to the magazine section. There the publications were read cover to cover in search of ads for the latest and greatest farm equipment and the plethora of brands promoted that we lusted after.

After being employed in the industry, we found the newest issues from Farm Equipment were the encyclopedia of what was trending and newsworthy in the peddling of iron. The farm implement industry’s company reps would burn up the landlines (rotary dial phones in many cases) and start each conversation with "Did you see…?" as the industry was covered in total by this Wisconsin group who had the farm equipment industry and supply chains at heart.

They had a goal to inform us of all of the trends, performance, good and bad news and new products that burst onto the market. From their beginning to the myriad of today's publications and events, no other group serves the industry so well as the Lessiters. Period.

As a side note, 55 years ago there were more than 15 brands of tractors and 40 sidelines with marketing staff – and probably more. The industry consolidated and shrunk in numbers tremendously through the years – but the Lessiters increased in scope.

Congrats and keep up the great work!

About Tim Brannon: Tim Brannon, owner of B&G Equipment, Paris, Tenn., is an Allis-Chalmers territory rep turned dealer-principal. He is the author of Rural Lifestyle Dealer’s Equipment Dealer Tips, Tales & Takeaways column that shares knowledge, experiences and tips/lessons with fellow rural equipment dealerships throughout North America. Covering all aspects required of an equipment dealership general manager, Brannon informs, entertains and provides a teachable moment for current — and future — leaders within equipment dealerships.

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